Welcome to Rubicon Crossing Communications

Clear, Crisp, Concise and Compelling Communications – it’s crucial in the business world, regardless of whether your audience is a corporation’s global workforce or a local trade publication.

At Rubicon Crossing Communications, I know important messages don’t sell themselves – they must be properly planned, crafted and presented.

Rubicon Crossing Communications offers the writing and editing expertise to create and convey the right strategic message for corporations – primarily employee communications – and small businesses and other organizations.

Employee Communications

Regardless of the medium, Rubicon Crossing Communications has expertise in what I call the “Four 8s” of Employee Communications:

  • Articulate – artfully define your message in ways that support your strategy.
  • Educate – use thoughtful messages to enlighten your employees about your vision, goals, strategy, challenges and successes.
  • Motivate – entrust employees with timely and compelling messages to encourage them to work together toward common goals.
  • Congratulate – recognize employees for outstanding performance.

Business Communications

Rubicon Crossing Communications can plan and tailor your message for the right audience. Small businesses need effective and timely communications as much as any Fortune 500 corporation to deliver results.